Vinyl graphics, stickers and decals are handy for so many different applications.

They can be used for decorating model cars or for decorating real cars with racing strips, your company logo or custom graphics. You can also use them to create custom signs, for window lettering or graphics, to label your mailbox, for hobbies and crafts or just about anything else you can think of.

The hardest part of  vinyl graphics or decals is applying  / installing stickers smoothly so they look professional. Here are some tips for how to apply

vinyl graphics and stickers without wrinkles or bubbles so your sign or project will come out looking great.

Most of our vinyl graphics come with three layers. There is a masking layer on top to protect the vinyl and keep the individual elements of the decal perfectly placed until you stick it down, a middle layer which is the vinyl decal itself and then a third layer on the back to protect the adhesive.

**Please note, we suggest to not apply to surfaces that have been painted within 6 months or less if your thinking of removing the decal / sticker in the future.


Printable Basic Vinyl Decal Install Instructions

Printable Installation Sheet for Installation Advise of your decals.

Wet Decal Installation for Accent Letters

Our basic Wet Accent Letter decals installation help.


Don’t Panic. We have the perfect solution for you.

Vinyl Decal Video Installation Help

Here is some Decal Installation Video’s for your new sticker.